Planning to Communicate

Al Knows Benefits

How many times do we find that when we don’t plan, things don’t get accomplished? Sometimes? Often? MOST of the time? If you hope to communicate effectively to your employees about their benefits plans, chance are that it will take some planning. And more than half of employers…don’t. If this is your current situation, what…

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Emphasis on Communication

Communication can be difficult; be sure to take the challenge and find out how a slight change in emphasis can alter the meaning of a simple sentence, sometimes drastically (and hilariously!). 7 words. 1 sentence. 7 different meanings…or more, potentially! Given the fact that so many employees don’t have a clear grasp on the details…

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Help Using Information

Leadership expert John Adair says that “communication is the sister of leadership”. In other words, if we would be effective leaders, we must be–or become–effective communicators. This is true in business, just like it is in other avenues. Today I begin a once-a-week series dedicated to business leaders who value their employees. The topic? Communication…

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