Vision Insurance

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Vision problems affect approximately 150 million Americans. About 75 percent of people ages 25 to 64 require some sort of vision correction.
Vision insurance can assist with the costs of routine eye checkups, along with helping to pay for any correction wear that could be prescribed by the attending physician.
While companies aren’t required by law to offer vision insurance, simple vision insurance offers numerous benefits to the company’s reputation and the overall bottom line.
Benefits of Offering Vision Insurance

Retain and attract top talent to remain competitive
Improve overall employee wellness and show employees you care
Save money through preventative eye care for employees

Convenient and Affordable Vision Packages for Your Employees
At, your employees will have the diversity of options when selecting vision insurance and carriers. We’ll start by building a secure online marketplace that will allow employees to create their custom benefits package.
With us, we won’t just give you the link, but we will be there to give a helping hand whenever you need it. Our Benefit Specialists can be reached by phone or email, and can provide answers to all of your questions. Call today to learn more or get your affordable quote!
We’re here to help navigate your company through the group healthcare buying process. Drop us a line for personalized options specifically for your business!

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