Level-Up Dialogues: Give a Boost to Team Ambition and Growth

It’s a fact that employers cannot ignore: employee turnover is a fact of business, and the costs of replacing an employee are high. It’s estimated that replacing an employee costs 3 to 4 times that employee’s average annual salary. For example, if an employee’s average salary is $75,000, it will cost anywhere between $225,000 – $300,000 in hard and soft costs to replace them.

This figure often makes employers hesitant to discuss an employee’s career goals, fearing it might encourage them to seek opportunities elsewhere. However, avoiding these kinds of discussions is a mistake.

Understand the full picture

It’s well-established that employee engagement is important for employee retention. Employers can foster engagement through various means, such as recognizing employees’ efforts, granting them autonomy to work on projects, and offering flexible work schedules.

Yet, an essential element is often overlooked.

If asked whether they’d continue in their current role if they became wealthy, most employees would answer “no.” This answer doesn’t mean they are unhappy with their job or aren’t fulfilled by their work. Instead, it underscores a fundamental truth: while salary is not the number one reason employees stay at their jobs, employment is a means to achieve financial stability, express creativity, learn and upskill, support families, and pursue personal interests. Acknowledging this is crucial for understanding the complete picture of employee motivation.

Embracing the full truth

When business leaders accept that their employees have ambitions that may one day lead them away from the company, they unlock the potential for mutually rewarding, enduring relationships.

Understanding your employees’ aspirations and goals offers them a chance for self-exploration and provides you with valuable insights into their strengths and passions. Imagine the level of engagement and enthusiasm your team would show every day if they felt their job was a stepping stone toward achieving their dreams.

Involving yourself in your employees’ goals fosters open communication, which builds trust, loyalty, and a stable working environment. This approach allows you to:

  • Recognize and seize opportunities that align with individual employees’ interests.
  • Offer training and development programs tailored to your team members.
  • Assess whether employees’ needs are being met in their current roles and adjust their career paths accordingly.
  • Cultivate lasting bonds with employees that extend beyond their tenure at your company and provide lasting value.

Embrace the potential

By engaging with employees on a personal level, you empower them to realize their full potential. This approach demonstrates your company’s commitment to their overall success. It enhances your employer brand, fostering a workforce that feels supported, energized, and valued, and positions your company as a preferred employer.

Trust, transparency, and reciprocal support are the cornerstone of building solid and lasting relationships. By embracing and supporting your employees’ personal aspirations, you cultivate a team that’s as committed and dedicated to your business as you are.


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