Holiday Party Planning Guide

Workplace holiday parties are experiences that many employees look forward to each year. They are a
fun way to end a challenging work year and celebrate with those who employees have spent the majority
of the year with. Holiday parties are also a great way to hold tradition within your workplace and allow
colleagues and even guests to celebrate one another’s accomplishments.

There are several benefits to offering a holiday party. Offering a holiday party could help with employee
retention or even help build camaraderie in the workplace. They also provide an opportunity to build
workplace culture outside of normal office hours or just give a break from the standard workday.
However, there can also be high costs and a level of risk associated with these events, including
inappropriate behaviors and lack of inclusivity. Therefore, thorough consideration of many aspects is

There are a variety of ways employers can host a workplace holiday party, and there’s a lot that goes into
properly planning the event in order to stay within a budget and avoid liabilities. Whether the party is
virtual, at your workplace or at a venue, it’s necessary to take proactive steps and plan accordingly. This
can include coordinating and organizing several aspects, such as invitations, attendance, catering,
external relations and budget, to name a few.

How your organization chooses to run a holiday party is unique to what fits your workplace best. For
example, your workplace could host a virtual event, include families, have an ugly sweater contest or
sponsor a charitable gift. The way a workplace holiday party is hosted is customizable to the event. This
Employer’s Guide to Planning a Holiday Party is a resource that can help employers like you plan your
organization’s next or first-ever holiday party. This guide is not exhaustive but does cover key steps
employers can consider when planning such an event.

Please download the complete guide here.