Stay Active While Working at Home

Working from home has many perks, but it may leave you at risk for developing a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits. It may be easy to forget about exercise when you’re home all day. The good news is you’re in control of keeping yourself active while also getting your work done; it all comes down to building healthy habits throughout the day.

Faking a commute to work can be an easy way to remember to get a short workout in. Spending a few minutes walking to work… even if you have to take the very long way to your home office can both work your muscles and help with the transition from home to work and back again.

For workouts, it is important to schedule them. Put them on your calendar like you would any meeting to make them harder to “forget.” Designating a specific area in your home for workouts can also help create a sense of importance for your workout.

Using technology can help– smart watches and other fitness trackers can help remind you to stand and move regularly. In addition, sometimes having the reminder to exercise, and a little digital reward for doing so can help keep you motivated.

Most importantly, keep it simple. Starting a workout regime at home shouldn’t involve buying all sorts of new equipment. There are plenty of free online videos to guide you through beginner workouts. Start with what you have, and add to it only if and when you really want to.

Consistency is key with any fitness routine. Staying active at home makes you more likely to adopt fitness habits and live a healthy lifestyle. Health experts recommend talking to your doctor before starting new exercise programs.

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