Medical Insurance

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Benefits of Offering Health Insurance to Your Employees
Whether you are mandated to offer coverage or not, health care benefits are one of the most important factors of an employee compensation package. In most cases, employers need to offer health care to remain competitive for the most talented employees or to avoid penalties imposed by health care reform.
No business has to offer health insurance; however, the Affordable Care Act mandates that large employers (50+ full-time equivalent employees) need to either offer qualified and affordable health benefits or pay a tax penalty.
Pros of Offering Employees Health Insurance

Remain competitive by attracting and retaining the most qualified talent.
Gain tax advantages, especially for small businesses with fewer than 25 employees.
Offer employees group purchasing power.
Ensure the wellness of your workers.

Brokers You Can Trust
With medical insurance plans, your employees will have access to a diversity of options when selecting health insurance plans and carriers. We can help save your business time and money in addition to offering your employees the power of choice.
We’ll build a secure online benefits store just for your business by using the Employee Navigator System at no cost to you.  Then invite your employees to go shopping allowing employees to build custom benefit packages. Once employees have exceeded your contribution, they can continue shopping through payroll deduction and see where their money is going. (Employer size restrictions may apply).
With us, we won’t just give you the link, but we will be there to give a helping hand whenever you need it. Our Benefit Specialists can be reached by phone or email, and can provide answers to all of your questions. Call today to learn more or get your affordable quote!
We’re here to help navigate your company through the group healthcare buying process. Drop us a line for personalized options specifically for your business!

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